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  • Sara Simoneaux

Bringing a New Fur Baby Into Your Home

When you get a new pet it's like adding a new family member. When a pet is introduced, a lot of things will alter. When your new pet moves home, your family members who might not share your enthusiasm act not familiar, or in other ways your paw feet alter the atmosphere of your house. It's always a wise choice for you and your family to get a pet from AKC silver lab puppies for sale in Louisiana. However, be certain of their immunization and deworming program. In this blog, professional recommendations are presented for your better help.

The Introduction

Make sure when you introduce your pet to the family. Introduce the two pets to the same floor if you already have one. They will feel comfortable with one another in this circumstance.

Put your older animal on a leash for better control if you are worried about safety. Additionally, bear in mind that not every pet introduction will go as smoothly as you would like. This endeavor will be more challenging if both animals are adults, in particular. Despite careful planning, and maintaining composure.

New Pet Wellbeing

Adding a pet is a duty; merely introducing them is insufficient. However, you must give them some time to get used to your house. Encourage your family to be gentle with the new arrival. Give them plenty of uninterrupted time to rest (especially if they're very young). Small, frequent meals should be given to young animals, preferably of the food they were used to in their previous environment.

Being Welcomed into the Family

You must take into account the temperament of your older pet while introducing new pets to existing ones. A mature female dog, for instance, that has had good exposure to other animals, will typically accept new puppies and kittens with ease. A dog that is violent and possessive, on the other hand, might never be completely trusted with a new kitten in its own yard. The likelihood of conflict between distinct pet species should be considered.

It can also make sense to get a new pet from AKC puppies for sale in Louisiana that will be more obedient to the family member who has been around longer. It could be best to choose a smaller or less aggressive breed. A male dog that has been neutered may experience fewer disputes over authority as he matures. In some circumstances, you can plan a meet & greet for current dogs and prospective newcomers. Many shelters let you bring your dog with you to the facility to see if you two get along.


Introducing paw feet into your family is always joyful and when it's come to Silver labs then the environment of your family is definitely going to be full of joy and care. But keep professional advice in your mind whenever you plan to adopt one for your family. Or you can also connect with Cajun Silver Labs for AKC silver lab puppies for sale in Louisiana they will suggest you best for the same and help you in all the possible ways.

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