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Our family spends a lot of time outdoors and are avid hunters. When we first began looking to add a dog to the mix, we knew the breed we decided on would need to be gentle and active with a love for the outdoors. There is a reason that the Labrador Retriever reigns as the most popular breed in the United States. They are as gentle as they are intelligent and undeniably family-friendly.
They are skilled hunters with a profound desire to please their master making them naturally obedient. When we came across our first Silver Lab Sako, we knew that he was meant for us. Adding beautiful Daisy to our family was another easy decision. We are so in love with this breed and our babies!

Sako and Daisy are now retired from breeding, and we have now welcomed two new pups. Our male, Drake, is from Sako and Daisy's last litter. He is the perfect combination of his parents.  And our newest addition, Kimber, who has strong genes and will make an excellent mother. We expect to breed them later this year, and hopefully will have puppies for Christmas!

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The internet is full of both helpful and misleading information. Rather than claim to be experts in animal genetics, dna markings, and the dominant and recessive gene combinations that are present in Silver Labs, we'll just provide some of the more detailed sources we uncovered in our own research, and encourage you to form your own opinion after evaluating both sides of the Silver Lab issue. If you still have questions, let us know, and we'd be happy to help.


AKC's first encounter with Silver Labs at Crist Culo Kennels and the results of their examination and investigation: "The AKC concluded, 'that based upon their investigation, the AKC felt CCK’s silver Labs were without question pure-bred Labrador Retrievers.'"


"This site takes to task these base claims and offers a researched and coherent rebuttal to them, exposing serious inaccuracies, conjecture, and flat out lies. As you are researching the Silver Labrador, you are encouraged to consider both sides of this debate, research the facts yourself, check sources, and then draw your own conclusion."


"Genetically, Silver Labrador Retrievers are Chocolate Labs that possess the homozygous recessive alleles at the D locus, 'dd'. The result is a dilution effect or graying that lightens the Chocolate color to the point that it appears silver. The gene responsible is the Mlph (leaden) gene."

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